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During the acquisition and sale of property in Thailand, the following taxes and fees are paid:

  1. Transfer Fee: 2% of the appraised property value (calculated at the Land Office, which may differ from the property value specified in the contract).
  2. Stamp duty: 0.5% of the maximum property value (specified in the contractor appraised). It is paid if the property was owned by the last owner for over 5 years.
  3. Specific business tax: 3.3% of the maximum property value (specified in the contract or appraised by the Land Office). The tax is paid if the property was resold in the past five years.
  4. Withholding tax: this tax is calculated using a complex formula that includes the appraised value of the property, period of owning the property by the seller, and the seller’s income tax rate.
  5. The amount of taxes and fees depends on many factors and the exact sum is calculated by the Land Office representatives.

When parties sell and buy a home in the resale market, they resolve the issues of taxes and fees via negotiations and specify them in the contract. Most often, the taxes are split between the buyer and the seller equally (50% / 50%). When buying a brand new home, the developer will often pay all the taxes, whereas the buyer and seller only split and pay the transfer fee of 2%.

Property Management Cost

There are monthly fees for common area management in condominiums, which includes:

  • 24-hour security,
  • Common area cleaning and management,
  • Landscaping,
  • Swimming pool and gym maintenance,
  • Common area lighting, etc.

Depending on the condominium level, monthly fees may range from 40 to 60 THB per square meter. When buying property, the owner is also obliged to pay a lump sum to the condominium sinking fund, on average 500-700 THB per square meter.

When residing in villa, the fees for common area management at the residence will be fixed or based on the total area (which is less frequent). Garden and swimming pool maintenance will be paid for separately.

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