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If you acquire a property in Thailand, in addition to owning a home in this Paradise on earth, you will also earn income from your property. How can you choose property for investment that will maximize your income without taking care of the property while you are away? This question concerns all people who want to invest in Thai property.

There are a few guidelines for this case. When you choose an investment property, you must look at areas that are popular among tourists. Whether you own a studio in a condominium or a villa in Phuket with several bedrooms and a swimming pool, you will always have tenants, if your property has the right location.

Most of such condominiums are located from a dozen (first line) to a few hundred meters to the shoreline. Of course, walking distance to the beach is one of the most important requirements when choosing a rental accommodation for holidays.

Most villas that tourists want to rent are located a few kilometers to the beach. While residing there, vacationers usually rent a car or a motorbike. It may take five or ten minutes to drive or ride to the beach, but the nearest supermarket may be much farther. Thus, you need to bear in mind the surrounding amenities. The price of renting a villa also depends on nearby infrastructure such as shops, restaurants, massage parlors etc.

Apartments in condominiums are serviced by management companies, which you can request to clean your apartment for guests, to repair plumbing, to resolve electricity issues etc. It is important for a villa acquired for renting out to be part of a residence, where the management company will also take care of all matters relating to the villa maintenance, security, emergency repairs etc.

Furthermore, there are some other important factors, such as:

  • age of the building,
  • total area of the residence or condominium,
  • range of services provided by the management company and their tariffs.

Our company also offers various investment projects in the sector of construction, land acquisition, and business ownership.

It is best to consult a specialist to be able to assess all these factors and to understand the offers that all look alike at first glance. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on all aspects of property investment in Thailand.

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