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An apartment block consists of apartments. An apartment may be a large room, called a studio, or it may have several bedrooms. In Thailand, people use the American system of designating the number of rooms in an apartment. In other words, they specify only the number of bedrooms (the living room is not counted).


An apartment block registered under the Condominium Act.
Non-Thai nationals may purchase and own up to 49% of the total number of units in the condominium block. This form of property ownership, or freehold, is the easiest and most reliable acquisition for foreigners in Thailand.

Condominiums are serviced by management companies that offer a wide range of services to the owners. Typically, a condominium territory has a communal swimming pool, gym, parking lot etc., and many condominiums have cafes or restaurants.

There are monthly fees for common area management, which includes 24-hour security, common area cleaning and management, landscaping, swimming pool and gym maintenance, common area lighting, etc. Depending on the condominium level, monthly fees may range from 40 to 60 THB per square meter. When buying property, the owner is also obliged to pay a lump sum to the condominium sinking fund, on average 500-700 THB per square meter.

Townhouses in Thailand

A townhouse is a building with multiple floors, where the ground floor usually has living and dining area, and the upper floors have bedrooms. Most townhouses have one or two walls adjacent to other townhouses, as they are built in a row.

The ground floor in a townhouse is often used for businesses and the upper floors for living, so a townhouse is not merely a multi-level apartment. Townhouses are also used as guesthouses. Townhouses are acquired according to the same regulations as villas.

Villas in Phuket

Villas are mostly single-floor or two-floor buildings located on a private land plot with an area ranging from a few hundred to two thousand plus square meters. Villas have a private swimming pool and a garden.

Villa may be either freestanding or located in a residence, which is a gated community serviced by a management company. The latter option is more convenient for owners who do not reside permanently in Phuket because the management company will take care of maintaining and securing the villa.

The price of villas significantly depends on the size of the land plot, proximity to the sea and a view of the sea. There are a few options if you want to purchase a villa in Thailand, the most common of which is to setup a Thai company or to arrange a leasehold.

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