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Phuket Island has long earned a fame of being one of the world’s best resorts and has become a popular destination for tourists from all over the globe. Phuket beaches with their advanced tourist infrastructure make the stay in Phuket easy and comfortable.

If you buy property in Thailand, not only will you own a home in this Paradise on the ocean shore, but also you will make a profitable investment. The property prices in Phuket are steadily growing. The island’s area is limited, and the demand for houses and apartments remains high every year. Besides saving your money, investing in Phuket property will also bring you profit if you sell it later.

Furthermore, you can earn a stable income by renting out your apartment, villa or house in Phuket when you are away.

It is best to buy an apartment or a house at the initial stage of construction when the developer offers you the most favorable price. After the construction, the property value may grow by up to 20%.

The construction market in Thailand is always secure. In general, Thai construction never has non-completion problems. Our Agency closely examines the developers by scrutinizing some of their previous projects and many other factors, so we offer our customers only the safest projects under construction.

There are many other advantages to buying property under construction. For example, a wider choice of options, possibility to modify the housing layout and to select finishing materials that fit your taste etc.

Given all sorts of discounts, finance schedules and loans, purchasing an apartment or a house in Thailand is a reality that requires quite a small initial payment and subsequent down payments for a few years. You can consult our specialists on the cost and possibility of finance!

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